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Skin Deep is a series of collaborative self-portraits that treats the body as a canvas for 3D drawing. It is an exploration of a new kind of drawing format, where the artists are 3D-scanned, producing a mesh of their bodies and texture maps of their skin from all angles. Skin deep is exploring the core value of oneself after peeling away layers of consciousness and revealing venerability, and how this transform provides a new way of seeing.

Artists Statement

Our vision is to bring warmth and human touch into the world of new media. We are both interested in using technology as a tool to enhance the storytelling experience. Our collaborations have focused on the potential of drawing as a performative medium, a conversation and a way to bring people together. This project reflects our attempt to find a new kind of canvas in which an artist can incorporate the traditional medium of paper drawing with digital media––to give an artist the ability to work with both media simultaneously. The result is both new and familiar, the texture of the hand-drawn, the feel of the paper and  the interactivity of digital media.

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Press appearance

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